The Matitizia Licorice Pencil is Perfect for Nervous Pencil Pushers

 - Oct 10, 2011
References: issuu & odditycentral
Here's hoping that Cecilia Felli decides to put her Matitizia licorice pencil into mass production. Felli is an Italian designer who has created a licorice pencil designed specifically for those who like to chew on their writing utensils.

I have never been a big pencil chewer, but I have seen plenty of chewed up pencils in my time. There is no way that eating wood and graphite could taste good, which is why the Matitizia licorice pencil was designed. The pencil is one-half licorice stick and one-half pencil. While a completely licorice pencil would have been better for the sweet tooth, half and half at least maintains some functionality. You can check out images of Cecilia Felli's sweet and chewy Matitizia licorice pencil here.