Amareta Sells Customized Period and Maternity Skin Care Products

 - Oct 22, 2017
References: amareta & fastcompany
Hormonal breakouts are just one of the many joys associated with the menstrual cycle, which is why this beauty brand is focusing specifically on period and maternity skin care. Amareta supplies skin care products that cater to your cyclical hormonal changes, which includes hormonal acne, hormonal dullness, breastfeeding and prenatal items.

The Hormonal Dullness range narrows in on the first six days of your cycle, whereas the Hormonal Acne skin care routine should be used on days 16 to 28 (the luteal phase). These address different skin issues that pop up, including oily skin. Many ingredients used to treat these issues (including salicylic acid) are considered to be unsafe for pregnancy. This is why they also do maternity skin care, using plant-based and organic ingredients.