Martian Martin Radio Has an Alien Form for Such a Standard Device

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: yeongkeun
If you didn't know any better, what you guess would be the function of the Martian Martin Radio? A photograph of it might lead you to perceive it as a pendant lamp; in person, you may wonder about the purpose of its many perforations and why it's topped with an extendable metal rod.

Yeong Deun Jeong's device is really quite elegant with it's gently curving contours and its minimalist white finish. The tiny pricks that cover its smooth surface are fine and produce a continuous texture that's aesthetically intriguing.

Now, as an electronic device, the Martian Martin Radio will have you curious about its operation. Pick up the lovely teardrop-shaped case and you'll find a button and a dial on the base. The sound escapes 360 degrees through the little holes that function as speakers.