Mark Stamps Imprint Playful Images and Text onto Your Skin

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: yankodesign &
People can have a bit of fun with the Mark Stamps set, enabling them to undergo very light body modifications that fade minutes after application. Two types of playful imprinters have been specifically designed to animate your fingers and apply text to your behind.

Wonpark Jang and Yongjae Jeon came up with the Clip & Pin, a combo that functions conveniently as a paperclip or offers the means to seal satchels. Significantly, the shapes of sad and happy faces have been incised in the thin metal so that physiognomic impressions are left when you press your skin against them.

The second of the Mark Stamps is the low curving stool. If you were to sit down on it with a bare bum, the words "Don't run" would be inscribed on both cheeks.