A Project by Marc de Pape Translates City Stimuli into an Orchestra

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: marcdepape.net & psfk
Interpreting the environment of a metropolis as sound, OCAD University student Marc de Pape created a project called 'The Chime: Scoring the City.' De Pape's project is essentially a music-generating device that's controlled by movements in its surrounding area. As things in its environment changes, the device creates sounds to reflect that.

The Chime uses 18 sensors in order to pickup subtle movements in the environment. Anything from a temperature change to a subtle difference in lighting will prompt de Pape's project to emit sound. Music from instruments such as drums, pianos and guitars are used to symbolize the changing city.

The project was inspired by the many changes in an urban environment that people ignore. A flood of stimuli constantly bombards city-dwellers so it's no surprise that simple things are often ignored. The Chime captures the forgotten and transforms it into something beautiful.