This Map Changes with Weather to Let Residents Dress & Prepare Appropriately

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: gizmag & moreinspiration
Created for tourists and residents, the BATH °C Thermo Color Map that changes with different weather patterns. The Thermal Color map is hand held, alters in color and displays buildings, and attractions that are recommended based on on the weather. The map uses thermochromic inks and tyvek fabric, which allows color changes based on temperature and recommended attractions to become visible.

If the temperature is hot, the map turns pink to direct users to swimming pools or outdoor attractions. If cold, indoor activities like art galleries and museums are lit on the map. Much like traditional maps, the BATH °C Thermo Color Map is designed to be portable and rolled up, and is even water and crumple proof.

As it stands, the BATH °C Thermo Color Map designer Camilla Hempleman only made a prototype for her hometown of Bath, England.