The 'Managing Your Personal E-Reputation' Chart is Enlightening

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: kbsd & mashable
In this day and age, mastering social media is an obvious asset for potential career opportunities in every field across the board, so it's extremely important to protect your online presence, as shown by the 'Managing Your Personal E-Reputation' infographic.

The chart breaks down how and why it's important to safeguard your social personality, and ensure you're projecting a powerful and positive image of yourself to the wide world of the Internet. There is a category called 'Why Online Reputations Matter' if you still need to be convinced, one entitled 'What Potential Employers Are Watching For' if you want a heads up, and 'What You Can Do About It' to start stepping up your social surfing and status-posting savvy ASAP.

The Managing Your Personal E-Reputation infographic is an eye-opening online tool to help protect and pump your electronic identity.