The MAN Under the Influence Editorial Exudes Masculinity

Gracing the publication's Africa issue, the 'MAN' Under the Influence editorial exudes a masculine air that marries fashion and culture. Corentin Fila, Diawoye Konate, Djibril Sissoko and Josue Michale Comoe star alongside Kendy Jacques and Onnys Aho for a striking portrait series by photographer Eric Nehr.

The models pose for stoic portraits while dressed in a wardrobe of African-inspired clothing and accessory pieces. Hand-picked by Serge Girardi, these vibrant scarves, bold eyewear frames and eye-catching hair color patterns make for a memorable fashion story.

The 'MAN' Under the Influence editorial exudes a true sense masculinity and power that is displayed through the serious and stoic poses of the photoshoot's models. Paying homage to the African culture, this color-infused editorial embraces the beauty of the nation's people.