The Malware Infographics Reveals The Costs of Infected Businesses

 - Nov 17, 2012
Viruses are nothing new to this generation, but as people and computers get smarter, so do the viruses, which is why malware infographics try to bring more awareness to the people of the digital age.

Recently, there have been numerous viruses spreading over social media, sending private messages to users from their friends or followers that seem legitimate to lure them into clicking the link. Although this may seem like a personal issue at first, more companies are using social media to promote their businesses. As hackers become smarter, using different types of infections like viruses, worms and malware to infiltrate and intercept data, infected companies could suffer detrimental effects from decreased productivity alone, not to mention lack of access to their information.

Spending the extra effort to stay updated on cyber attacks and solutions is beneficial and cost-efficient for the company in the long run.