This Cosmetic Tutorial Transforms the Wearer into C-3PO from Star WArs

This talented makeup look tutorial by Wholesale Halloween Costumes creatively transforms a person's visage into the lovable Star Wars character C-3PO using expertly applied robot makeup. The tutorial focuses on the use of gold paint, highlighting and contouring to recreate the look.

C-3PO is one of the more beloved characters from the Star Wars universe, designed by Anakin Skywalker as a golden metallic droid fluent in etiquette and protocol strategies. This tutorial creatively replicates the look of the droid using golden face paint applied all over the face and a bald cap. From there, lighter and darker pigments are applied to add angular features to the face that are more robotic in design. Darker paint is then applied to draw the outlines of the various metal plates to duplicate the mechanics of the droid's armor costume.