The Makerarm Allows for Objects of All Sizes to Be Printed Without Fuss

 - Sep 19, 2015
References: makerarm & coolthings
One of the shortcomings of many 3D printers is that they can only print products of a certain size because of their own size constraints, but this is sure be a problem of the past with the creation of the Makerarm, which allows for products of all shapes and sizes to be printed. Designed by Texas-based tech startup Techjango, the Makerarm is exactly what its name denotes: a robotic arm that prints 3D objects.

The Makerarm features a 10-inch vertical work area with a total reach of 30-inches; crunch the numbers and you'll be able to figure out that the Makerarm can craft products of up to 32-inches in diameter. Techjango is currently in private beta testing, so if you want in on the Makerarm it's best to contact them ASAP.