Make the Logo Bigger by Andrew Wendling Addresses Annoying Requests

When it comes to design, dealing with clients can be a pain in the butt and Make the Logo Bigger by Andrew Wendling, an art director and designer based in San Francisco, shows people why. At least, it hones on one big pet peeve. The Tumblr site involves branding that has been magnified almost to the point of obscurity. Of course, those especially iconic labels are hard not to recognize.

From Pepsi to General Electric and Penguin Books, Make the Logo Bigger by Andrew Wendling is a cathartic photoblog that airs out some pent up grievances. Interestingly, Fast Co. Create points out, "What's insightful about this blog, however, is something that Wendling probably didn't intend. By blowing these logos up so big that they bust through the frame, he ends up almost proving that bigger is better."