Kala by Maija Puoskari is a Play on Traditional Animal Hide Rugs

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: maijapuoskari & design-milk
There have been some clever jabs at animal hide rugs in the past, but Maija Puoskari's fish-shaped carpet has to be one of the best designs out there. Instead of referencing a common beast often used for such home accessories, Maija Puoskari looks to a different creature all together. Dubbed Kala, her fish-shaped rug is cartoonish and stylish.

Cozy and modern, Maija Puoskari's Kala carpet is a great option for bedsides and bathrooms. The latter is especially the case since the rug can be hung when not in use. This recalls the sport of fishing as well, which makes Kala doubly clever. Overall, Maija Puoskari is known for her contemporary sensibilities and her pension for creativity.