Sharrat Makes Magical Street Art Appear with A Splash

 - Sep 22, 2013
References: psfk & gizmodo
Artist Nathan Sharratt has found an innovative new way to use Neverwet, a product specifically designed to protect your items from the rain. Instead of spraying on his shoes, Sharrat is making magical street art that only appears when it rains.

The premise is simple: Sharratt sprays the Neverwet over stenciled drawings or phrases and then pours water over top. The concrete gets wet except for the part sprayed with Neverwet, leaving the picture or phrase intact. It’s awesome to see the phrase gradually reveal itself as it gets wet.

Sharratt has stenciled cleverly fitting phrases such as "I’m Only Happy When It Rains" or "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" on the ground; there’s even an accompanying video so you can watch the magic happen. This invisible-until-proven-wet street art is fun and sure to brighten up any rainy day!

neverwet magic