Eco-Alternative to Expanded Polystyrene Structural Insulation Panels

 - Mar 5, 2009
References: ecovativedesign & thisoldhouse
Greensulate™ is a sustainable insulating building material composed of rice hulls, recycled paper, and most important, mushroom fibers. It has the ability to resist temperature change, repel water and promises meet ASTM International fireproofing standards. 

Ecovative Design is also testing the material’s resistance to mold-growth when water-saturated. The Greensulate™ bio-insulation may be available in the marketplace as early as 2010.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute classmates from Gavin McIntyre and Eben Bayer created Bayer’s idea for insulation from oyster mushrooms by growing it on perlite in experiments under McIntyre’s dorm room bed. The Troy, New York pair has since patented and are marketing the material.

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