The Magic Hat Mug by GAMAGO References the Iconic Magicians Trick

 - Jan 31, 2013
References: store.gama-go
The infamous rabbit in the hat magic trick is now immortalized in our everyday drinking mugs in this adorable Magic Hat Mug by GAMAGO. Simply a black coffee mug with a lid that showcases an adorable white bunny head peeking out, this creatively designed mug is sure to attract those who enjoy an occasional magic trick here and there.

The white bunny head appears to be sticking out the top of the mug similar to when a magician would magically pull the rabbit out of his black hat. This mug is such a unique way to reference traditional magic tricks in an ordinary piece of kitchenware.

What better way to add some magical moments to your morning coffee routine than with this adorable Magic Hat Mug?