Mads Peitersen Uses Fake Human Body Parts for his Art

 - Aug 14, 2010   Updated: Jul 18 2011
References: madspeitersen.deviantart & sweet-station
We all know that inside electronics lie a maze of chips and wires, but what if our gadgets had a more human-like anatomy? Artist Mads Peitersen probably wonders the same thing, judging from these creative illustrations.

Mads Peitersen is a multimedia artist in Denmark. These illustrations feature popular electronics such as the iPhone and a game controller, dissected to reveal human-like body parts such as bones and livers.

Implications - The designs show how technology is slowly becoming more and more human. Peitersen's work is both clever and creative in the ways he sends this message to onlookers, and no matter what gadget he decides to alter in his illustrations, he always makes one think about whether or not these technologies are having a real affect on the members of society. Check out his work now!