Mademoiselle en Fleur for Marie Claire Italia Lets the Clothes Shine

Soft and pretty is the theme of the Mademoiselle en Fleur editorial photographed by Xevi Muntané for the April 2011 issue of Marie Claire Italia.

Using a gray background for most of the shoot, Muntane accentuates the featured clothing, making them the focus of the editorial. The photos are muted, which creates a soft and elegant atmosphere, letting the colors found in each garment pop and shine through in each image. Model Sheila Marquez has her head bent low and partially covered by her hat in most of the photos, causing you to focus on the beautiful floral designs she wears.

Styled by Belén Casadevall, Mademoiselle en Fleur is so soft and pretty it makes me long for beautiful spring days where I can stroll through lush gardens.