Preparing the Next Generation of Mad Scientists

 - Dec 7, 2008   Updated: Jul 20 2011
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These unusual alphabet blocks by Xylocopa are expressly made for the next generation of mad scientists. Gone are the traditional 'apple,' 'boy' and 'cat' blocks of our youth; these conservative alliterations have been replaced by 'appendages,' 'bioengineering' and 'caffeine.' Twisted.

If those alphabet blocks sound pretty tame, how about 'maniacal,' 'freeze ray' and 'henchman'? I'm starting to think that these mad scientist alphabet blocks might be equally suited for kids and adults...

Implications - These alphabet books may be unconventional at best, but for all intents and purposes, they may weed out the prodigal geniuses from the bunch at a young age. Educational tools like this stretch the boundaries of age and stage and force children to reach the full extent of their capabilities.