The Stunning Macro Micro Studio Will Impress Like No Other Timber Shed

The Macro Micro Studio is small, it's wooden and it's nestled in a lovely landscaped setting, yet this curious shack is nothing like garden shed that you might first believe you've identified. The project is being erected and surveyed in the Dundee Botanic Gardens as a way to experiment with a self-build of a standard Passivhaus using cutting-edge materials and contemporary design.

ProPump foamed concrete is used as a more eco-friendly insulating foundation and Cullen Space Stud timber employs low-grade lumber for maximum efficiency, sustainability and economy. The dwelling's entire interior will be left as exposed wood to suit people's timeless appreciation for honest natural materials. Its unique pitched roof will be covered in solar panels. Masters students from the University of Dundee's architecture program are conducting the Macro Micro Studio project and will be establishing and monitoring its operation as a successful passive house for four years.