Zero Gravity Travel For Under $4,000

 - Apr 17, 2007
References: gozerog & kwegroup
Adventure tourism is launching people to new heights. Space travel has become more common among the world's affluent, and is no longer an out of this world possibility.

Splurging on space travel once cost a fortune; it wasn't long ago that rich Russians were paying $20 million to blast out of Earth's atmosphere.

Luxury launches aren't limited to the world's millionaires any longer. If you're looking for an out-of-this world experience, Zero Gravity Corporation will launch you to weightlessness for USD $3,750. The cost covers training sessions too so you don't have to worry about making a galactic goof of yourself.

The 150 minute excursion lets passengers experience 25 seconds of utter weightlessness. Ladiesâ€"make sure you're wearing a secure bra! The trip also includes a dinner party for you and you and your fellow space cadets as well as a DVD of your buoyant voyage.

Don't let gravity hold you down â€" book your trip now!