Clearaudio Used Plywood and Aluminum for Its Luxurious Turntable

 - Jan 15, 2018
References: digitaltrends
Clearaudio stunned CES attendees with its $45,000 luxurious turntable. This creation for audiophile is supported through Panzerholz plywood— a synthesis of razor-thin birch layers that are sprayed with a lacquer and later placed between anodized sheets of aluminium. The use of non-conventional materials is justified through Clearaudio's dedication to bring a superior music experience to the listener. The luxurious turntable's design allow it to mitigate unwanted vibrations and flutter, while the natural material favors sympathetic acoustics.

The belt-driven turntable includes optical system regulated vinyl speeds (33⅓ rpm, 45 rpm, and 78 rpm) and accessories such as a carbon-fiber tonearm, a tall base stand (sold separately) and columns that are attached to the product.

It is not a surprise that the reviews of the luxurious turntable's sound quality are described as "nothing short of flawless."