Luhu Uses Badges to Show a Person’s STD Status

 - Nov 28, 2013
References: myluhu & springwise
Luhu is a new service designed to make it easy to share your sexual health with others. The service was created by Dr. Mike Rosen as a way to discretely show a partner your bill of sexual health. The system uses badges to show how often you’ve been tested, whether or not you’re STD-free and if you are due for a test. In addition to the badges, Luhu also arranges for low-cost STD tests with local healthcare providers and keeps all results strictly confidential; badges can only be seen by other Luhu members.

Luhu isn’t a free service, charging a one-time fee of $79 to join and a monthly fee of $10 thereafter. Asking someone about their STD status is awkward at best, so a service like Luhu is a great way to clear the way without actually having to touch on the subject directly.