LuDela is a Real Flame Candle Controlled Through a Smartphone App

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: ludela & digitaltrends
The candle is an ancient piece of technology that has remained fundamentally unchanged for centuries, but LuDela is a smart candle that brings the traditional light source into the modern day. LuDela is a real-flame candle that can be controlled through an app, allowing users to remotely light and extinguish the fire.

The LuDela candle is a smarter and safer option than traditional flame candles. As far as smarts are concerned, multiple LuDela candles can be synced to the app and controlled independently. From the side of safety, the LuDela candles will automatically extinguish themselves if they risk being knocked over (thanks to sensors in the base of the candle.) Further, the candle bases come in many different styles and scents, giving consumers the ability to personalize lighting.