The Loudbasstard Speakers Give Powerful Pump to Your Sound System

 - Jun 1, 2014
References: thegadgetflow & theawesomer
The Loudbasstard speaker isn't just your average bass-boosted piece of machinery. The speaker is made of hand-cut bamboo and doesn't require the use of any electricity whatsoever. All it does it siphon the sound from the smartphone's innate speaker and repurposes it.

We've found a market pattern in speakers in that aren't really speakers at all, not in the traditional sense anyway. The thing about the Loudbasstard speaker is that it isn't taking the electrical current of the phone and running it through anything. Instead it's taking the sound already being outputted and pumping the volume up.

By passing the music through a tube that comes out the side, the Loudbasstard speaker can provide enough sound to fill up a small room and it does all of that without the need for any wires.