'Don't Fret' Created Artistic Lotto Tickets to Let Scratchers Win His Works

 - Jun 2, 2014
References: dontfret.bigcartel & designtaxi
The odds of winning money off your lotto tickets are very low, but for some reason people still buy them week after week because they don't want to completely diminish that slight chance they have of winning. Dont' Fret's lottery tickets however, give people a 1 in 50 chance of winning.

Unfortunately, the Chicago-based artist isn't offering up the big bucks, but if you are an art enthusiast, you would probably be more inclined to buy this type of ticket. He made a series of 50 hand-painted tickets called 'Don't Fret Scratch Off Lotto Tickets' priced at $25 each.

The tickets conceal hidden numbers beneath their paint, which reveal if they are winners or not. The winners, who will be announced on June 1st, will receive an edition of the artist's brand new 'Don't Fret screenprint set.'