The 'Dango' Loop Hook Provides a Hook Anywhere You Go

 - May 10, 2016
References: amazon & coolthings
Designed to prevent you from having to plop your belongings on the floor, the 'Dango' loop hook looks to provide a portable hook that can be brought with you anywhere. Acting as a keychain, the 'Dango' can be put on your keys or kept affixed to your backpack until required. This allows it to be slipped onto a table, desk or anywhere else you wish to instantly add a place to hang your bag or jacket.

When not providing a hook out in the world, the 'Dango' loop hook can be affixed onto the accompanying mount to make it a two-hook hanger for use in the home. This allows it to be grabbed on the way out the door to ensure you've always got a place to hang your belongings.