For the Lazy Yet Stylish

 - Jan 9, 2007
References: logitech
Logitech did a fantastic job with their Harmony 880 Universal Remote; so it's not surprising the new 1000i takes it further making it perhaps the most user friendly universal remote control to date. Simply hooking it up to your PC and telling it what devices you own, and the remote accesses a huge database of home entertainment devices (and what it doesnt know it learns pretty quick smart) and programmes your devices to the activity you want to perform- for instance watch tv, watch a dvd, watch a VHS video (a what?! what's that!hehe).

The remote controls up to 15 devices simultaneously- SO you could have multiple displays, amp, DVD player all ready to go at the press of a button (while you're at it, maybe turn on your air con, power up your robo sapien, check your email and anything else you can do with a remote you can do with this). Nice large icons on a bright 3.5 inch display and more importantly, it's brushed metal and black. mmmm

At just shy of 700 bucks AUS, it's not cheap but.. hey, neither is your plasma or your date..