Archgoemeter's Ljus Chair Sports Sensual Curves

 - Aug 19, 2011
References: archgeometer & core77
There is something quite sensual about the Ljus Chair (which means 'of light' or 'color' in Swedish). This sensuality lies not only in its curvaceous design, but also in its latex-bound details. Created with the human form in mind, it hugs every surface of the body, which furthers this intimate relationship between furniture and owner.

Designed by Archgoemeter, the Ljus Chair was created by applying swarm intelligence to a 3D point cloud of Leah Jung, the model. Therefore, the chair was designed to mold specifically to Jung's frame. Since the shape of the seat and back as well as the curved surfaces of the sides are a direct response to the properties of the human body, the Ljus Chair has tremendous potential for mass customization.