The Livingstones Pillows Mimic Stones While Being Cushy and Soft

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: livingstonespillows & droold
The Livingstone pillows are an optical illusion while also being a comfortable and very usable pillow. The pillows come in 14 different shapes and sizes so creating an ensemble of realistic stone looking pillows is incredibly easy.

It's a running gag that the Flinstones could make anything out of a rock. While that may be true, it's the Livingstone pillows that can make anything into a rock. If you've ever wondered what living like a caveman was like this may be the best chance you'll have to find out.

The pillows are incredibly comfortable and are made of pure wool making them cushy and soft. You may shake your friends up a bit by diving headfirst into what looks like a pile of stones but it's all part of the fun.