The Live! S6 Modular Synthesizer Uses Manipulable Transparent Blocks

 - Oct 28, 2015
References: reactable & gizmag
The Live! S6 table is a highly intuitive and modular musical table, designed by Spain-based company Reactable Systems, that uses a smooth touch surface that musicians can interact with to generate sounds as well as alter different kinds of musical parameters.

Rather than use cables to offer effects, filters or controllers, the Live! S6 modular synth revolves around the manipulation of transparent blocks on the surface of the table. Multiple players can use the platform simultaneously.

"This version of Reactable Live! S6 could be the reference from Reactable Live! series," say Reactable Systems. "Better aluminum structure, much long life of projector, great precision from new sensor, and new approach to perform and enjoy music, to challenge and push the limits of how we interact with music."