Accessories with Attitude

 - Apr 20, 2008
References: eonline
Forget little white gloves -- it's little black gloves that are all the rage today, leather ones in particular. They're not badass or biker-inspired, they're not meant for driving; these are simply to make a posh statement.

"As with any fashion-forward trend, Posh Spice completely owns the look, while Kelly Carlson and Ellen Pompeo look a little off in their glove styling," EOnline says.

"Victoria's three-quarter sleeves paired with gloves that barely brush her wrists look positively chic. The other two ladies sport their gloves with a shorter sleeve, which makes the big black mitts adorning their hands look significantly more awkward. We believe the shorter the sleeve, the longer the glove."

They're an accessory that adds a bit of snobbery and a lot of edge to any ensemble. Not only that, but they also protect her hands from germs, so they're functional as well as fashionable.