The #LionelStitchie Project Gives a Voice to Unwanted Objects

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: mollyeeeee & beautifuldecay
Heartwarming, artistic and entertaining, the #LionelStitchie Project jazzes up neighborhoods made crummy-looking due to the discarded furniture lying on otherwise perfectly green lawns. Lionel Ritchie lyrics have been boldly embroidered on their surface to "a voice to unwanted domestic objects," as cleverly put by Beautiful Decay. From mattresses to couches and even the odd pool table, the #LionelStitchie Project doesn't discriminate.

Created by Milwaukee-based fiber artist Molly Evans, the #LionelStitchie Project also makes for an amazing photo series. She says, "These bulky discards were the remains of university graduates moving on to new chapters, of families starting over with fresh styles, and of people letting go of emotional attachments to tired possessions. I identified with this process of reestablishment and sought to call attention to this important narrative in progress all around the city."