Linus Strandberg Forms Images Using Hallucinogenic Line Work

 - Mar 6, 2012
References: linusstrandberg & juxtapoz
Staring at these Linus Strandberg illustrations, viewers may be inclined to feel as though they’re "tripping out." After all, the squiggly line work of Strandberg’s images is entirely evocative of optical illusions commonly associated with hallucinogenic or psychedelic artwork. Experimenting with ways these pictures trick the mind is half the fun of looking at them.

Once you get past the initial ocular stimulation you experience looking at these Linus Strandberg creations, you realize that the talented artist actually used these zebra-print-like patterns to form silhouettes of his intended subjects. From flags to a couple kissing, Strandberg has no problem forming whimsical versions of his desired concepts. It’s interesting to note how evocative of Beetlejuice these images are, especially since the two share an oddball visual style.