Windorphins, An eBay By-Product

 - Aug 12, 2007
References: windorphins.ebay
As with every time period, a new vocabulary accompanies the latest trends. Web 2.0 came with its own set of jargon that to the unfamiliar, would be absolute jibber-jabber. Here's the term of the day:

Windorphins (win-dor'finz)

A new e-Bay-coined term describing the euphoric sensation accompanying a win.

"Scientific breakthrough! Laboratory tests have revealed natural, addictive substances in the body called Windorphins that are triggered during victorious moments (winning a spelling bee, ro-sham-bo match or the lottery, etc.) After a big win, windorphins deliver a general sensation of unabashed joy in the brain, leading to heightened energy, exuberance and outright slam drunk high-five behavior."

Sounds like we could all do with a shot of that. You can make mine a double!