The Limited Edition Dead Island Riptide Comes with a Severed Torso

 - Jan 30, 2013
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Though a bit gruesome, the limited edition Dead Island Riptide set is sure to please fans. If nothing else, you can definitely say that this collectible fits the aesthetic of the brutal zombie slaying series nicely.

Horror fans may get a kick out of displaying a mutilated bust on their shelves. When you buy the limited edition Dead Island Riptide, you get a completely mutilated female torso, complete with graphically severed limbs and head. Some impressive detail has gone into the build of the bust, from the visible spinal cord to the clearly chewed off limbs. The fact that the bust is well-endowed and wearing a Union Jack bikini completes the brutal look.

Personally, I can’t imagine displaying this on my shelf and then inviting friends and family over and having to explain why I have a mutilated corpse on my shelf. No matter what, it’s one heck of a conversation starter.