Stephen Knapp's 'Lightpaintings' Feature Intricate Light and Glass

 - Aug 16, 2016
References: lightpaintings & mymodernmet
Stephen Knapp used glass, light and steel to create his 'Lightpaintings' series.

The 'Lightpaintings' series is remarkable for its prismatic design and vibrant colors. Knapp precisely places lights and gem-colored glass to create the stunning and unique paintings with refracted light against darkened walls. Knapp uses steel to hold the gem-colored glass against the walls. The cut glass is precisely placed at specific angles to achieve the vibrant refraction of the light. Knapp "makes visible the light that surrounds us and transforms it into something physical yet inherently transcendental."

Visitors to the 'Lightpaintings' exhibit at the Pensacola Museum of Art are invited to yoga classes within it. The incredibly creative use of glass, steel and light creates an experience that stays true to Stephen Knapp in concept, style and execution of design.