SkinnyEats' Light Salad Dressing & Dip Redefines 'Light & Airy'

SkinnyEats' light salad dressings were designed to be healthy, but not skimp on the tried and true flavors that customers have come to expect. The dressings are whipped and contain only 15 calories per serving, which is about 90% less than comparable salad dressing products.

The SkinnyEats reinvents classic dressing flavors like Thousand Island, Creamy Italian, Caesar and Ranch, served in a shapely bottle that is suggestive of slimming down. Each of the colorful packages features a colorful image of a vegetable, topped with a dollop of the dressing, which can also be used as a dip or a healthy sandwich spread thanks to its creamy whipped consistency. The SkinnyEats line took years to perfect, but its low-calorie and high-flavor features will definitely help it to succeed as a new salad dressing.