Tokujin Yoshioka Presents Prism Chairs for Glas Italia in Milan

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: tokujin & dezeen
Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka will be showing a glass light refracting chair for the Italian brand Glas Italia. Yoshioka used thick cut, highly transparent glass to make the chairs; the edges of the chair are cut in a way that bends light to create a wide spectrum of colors across the surfaces. Yoshioka says, "this creation will be a chair like a shimmering sculpture." The design, which is transparent in nature, will spread a blanket of rainbow colors on near surfaces and throughout itself.

The design is simple and elegant. Yoshioka used four thick rectangular sheets of glass with beveled edges facing inwards to create the chair. The chairs will be presented alongside the reflective glass Prism table he also designed for Glas Italia.