The AirBulb is an LED Light Bulb and a Wireless Speaker System

 - Mar 22, 2014
References: cultofmac & kickstarter
The AirBulb is a light bulb speaker that works just like a normal light bulb but has added benefits. The bulb itself is an energy efficient LED bulb so it will last longer than a traditional light bulb. Using your smartphone as the controller, you're able to play music wirelessly through the Bluetooth.

The LED light bulb has different color temperatures that you control through the app. You can use the AirBulb as an alarm that wakes you using both sound and different patterns of light. The AirBulb even flashes to notify you of incoming calls. Use the speaker to play your own music or use the included natural sounds to create a calm atmosphere in any room. Lastly, the AirBuld supports both iOS and Android software.