The Liftware Spoon Cancels Out Movements Made by Parkinson's Disease

 - Nov 12, 2014
References: liftlabsdesign & gajitz
When you are living with Parkinson's Disease, simple tasks that most people pay no mind to can seem like an unbelievable challenge—although it's not a fix for everything, the Liftware Spoon aims to make eating much easier.

People who suffer from Parkinson's Disease often experience hand tremors, which can make it extremely difficult to feed yourself. This spoon design has built-in microchips and sensors, so that stabilizing technology kicks in when it picks up on tremors. The spoon is actually able to counter the movements caused by the tremors by up to two inches, neutralizing the involuntary movements that make eating such an obstacle. In the future, Liftware has plans to release different kinds of attachments for the spoon, so that it can also be turned into a fork and a key holder.