The Life’s a Batch I Love Ewe Cookies Have a Double Meaning

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: lifesabatch
Those who are looking for a humorous way to profess their love should consider the Life’s a Batch I Love Ewe Cookies. Shaped like white and fluffy sheep, these biscuits offer a humorous spin on words that sound identical. In keeping with the sheep theme, these biscuits proclaim the love of "ewe" rather than "you." Those who love words or double meanings will get a kick out of this herd of edibles.

The former term is another way for saying a sheep and the latter is a pronoun referring to another individual. With an assortment of sheep and hearts filled with the sentiment "I Love Ewe,’ whoever is the lucky recipient of these baked goods will be sporting a smile. Give your significant another reason to love you with your unshakably witty sense of humor.