'Visit a Cemetary Day' Encourages Visitors to the Morbid Site

 - Oct 29, 2011
References: mysendoff
Cemeteries are the ideal escape for melancholics, incurable romantics, grief-seekers and professional mourners, and while the very thought of a cemetery may bring to mind wrought iron fences, 'Visit a Cemetery Day' aims to bring more people to this death-induced site.

On Saturday October 29, 2011, mysendoff.com is presenting the first annual North American 'Visit a Cemetery Day' as part of their Life Celebration Weekend.

Finding inspiration from Stephanie West Allen's 'Create a Great Funeral Day' taking place October 30th, followed by Samhain, The Day of the Dead and All Saints and All Souls day, mysendoff.com has decided to put life back into death by announcing this weekend as a life celebration weekend.

What they recommend is visiting a cemetery, whether it's to take pictures, stroll along the paths, read a book, visit a dearly departed loved one or even to indulge in tourism.

Since society's views of death have been slowly changing over the years, with people finally realizing that a funeral shouldn't be a tearful and somber affair but rather one that celebrates a life lived, the Life Celebration Weekend includes two special days that will bring families and friends together to think about the past and plan for the future.