Life Ball 2011 Continues to Fight Disease Through Epic Advertising

On May 21st of 2011, infamous twin designer brothers Dan and Dean Caten from DSquared2 will be behind the scenes for the much-anticipated Life Ball 2011 event in Vienna. Life Ball has been raising money through the fashion industry to help the fight against HIV/AIDS since 1993 with unique approaches and fabulous fashionable experiences. Susanne Stemmer and Markus Morianz photographed this year's campaign with such divinity and vibrancy.

Emulating a Roman theme with an angelic approach, 'The Wings of Tolerance' is the underlying motif for Life Ball 2011. HIV/AIDS is such a complex and deadly disease that claims the lives of countless individuals per year; however, what this year's ball is expecting to provide is more knowledge on the subject, and to raise as much as it can to help eliminate HIV/AIDS once and for all.