Lexatron is a Fast Paced Word War Between Friends

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: fictorial & kotaku
If you love word games but are getting bored with basic crossword games like Words with Friends, then Lexatron is just the game to flex your vocabulary muscles.

Lexatron is basically a word race. Players lay down letter tiles to make words just like in Scrabble; however, instead of trying to rack up the most points, the objective is to snake a path from one corner of the board to the other. The first player to reach the opposite corner wins the match.

While it's a good strategy to try and make words that block your opponent's letters, both players have the ability to detonate a bomb that will clear the bath and allow for words to continue in a given direction.

Lexatron is a fun word game that's very easy to learn, but requires quick thinking and strategic planning as the number of letters and bombs available diminish over the course of a match. Word wizards with an iOS device can download the game for $0.99 when it's released on October 10th, 2012.