This LEMONUP Bottle Branding Features Bird and Flower Imagery

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
The LEMONUP brand identity is conceived by the Pesign Design creative team. The lemon juice is created for the active consumer who is looking to stay healthy while on the go. Adorned with watercolor imagery of birds and flowers, each of LEMONUP's bottles exudes a spring-themed air. In addition to birds, flowers and foliage, each bottle also features a subtle clock illustration -- representing the busy schedules of drinkers who are often forced to work long hours, leaving little time for healthy dietary habits.

Targeting urban professionals who are seeking nutrition on the go, the Chinese beverage brand's packaging is convenient as well as eye-catching. Capturing a shopper's attention when in store, this lemon juice is meant to remind drinkers that they can make a healthy choice, even if leading a busy lifestyle.