Leilani Bustamante Illustrates People in an Unnerving Manner

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: leilanibustamante & urhajos.tumblr
There's a certain Victorian element in these Leilani Bustamante illustrations that I can't entirely explain. Maybe its the ornateness and intricate detailing involved in each piece, or maybe its the color choices which make her artwork appear centuries older than it actually is. Whatever the case, these Leilani Bustamante are skillful executions of macabre ideas and the emerging artist is definitely someone to look out for.

Though there are many images to be found on Leilani Bustamante's personal website, her personal information is nowhere to be found, making the artist as enigmatic as the paintings she produces.

Implications - Consumers enjoy looking at unnerving imagery because it takes them out of their normality. They require these diversions as a coping mechanism for the stresses incurred from living high-stress lifestyles. Corporations may benefit significantly by integrating escapist elements into their products, services and media campaigns.