The Mayuko Kanazawa Leg Hair Font is Interestingly Unshaven Tangled Typeface

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: mykknzw.tumblr & inventorspot
Sending your office e-mails in the classic Comic Sans may become a thing of the past quite soon, as long as aspiring artist Mayuko Kanazawa continues to create typeface like her Leg Hair Font.

As a Japanese Tama Art University student in the Department of Design, Kanazawa was assigned a project that asked her to create a type of font without relying on her computer. Creating lettering without the help of digital design seems like a tough task, but the 20 year old artist quickly came up with a hair-raising idea. After a friend complained of leg pain, Kanazawa looked at their tangled tresses and the concept was born to twist hair to look like upper and lower case letters. 

Hold your razors writers, the Leg Hair Font may just be your new favorite stubbly substitute for Times New Roman.