Fans "Zeppelise The Net"

 - Nov 7, 2007
References: themothershipiscoming &
The net is being "Zeppelised", and it's seriously invasive. I was editing another load of stellar submissions, when I checked out a site sent to me, talking about Led Zeppelin fans invading the net. My speakers started playing "Immigrant Song", and my screen was bombarded with blimps a few seconds later.

The campaign is a marketing scheme to promote the new album to be released on Nov 13 called "The Mothership." Fans that visit can input URLs of any site they want to "Zeppelise."

Over 40,000 sites have been attacked so far including Google, Facebook and the White House site.

Not sure if this is positive marketing or not. I just closed the site down... then again, here I am writing about it.