These LED Earrings Might Just Mark the Comeback of Rave Gear

 - Feb 12, 2013
References: thinkgeek & incrediblethings
These LED earrings are the perfect accessories for fashionable geeky females. They come in white, red and blue colors and are superb for lighting up a dark night out.

They are sure to be picked up by the rave scene fairly soon. Buying non-reusable glow sticks at every event can get costly, while the amateur accessorizing with them is slowly, but surely losing its novelty. Fashion-forward glow attire of all kinds are soon to hit the consumer market and LED earrings will be at the forefront due to their affordable and accessible nature.

The most amazing part of these LED crystal earrings is that they are multipurpose accessories. The earrings can be used in either its rubber crystal form for high tea and glam occasions, or in its glowing mode by using the battery backs for the after parties.